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Vintage Rolex

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BAZAAR CHIC is a company that trades, buys, consigns your luxury pieces as well as offers a special order service. We accept authentic, well-kept luxury items such as fine jewelry, timepieces and top brand name handbags.
Our expert buyers will offer you the utmost professional and confidential service. We will inspect your items and pay the highest price for the most desirable items.

How to proceed:

  1. We invite you to visit our boutique or contact our expert buyer at
    We encourage you to provide us with a description of your item (date and place of purchase, general condition, type of use etc.) as well as some pictures (including the authenticity cards, receipts, boxes if available etc.)
    We are delighted to inform you that, based on certain conditions, our expert buyers are able to travel the world to view private collections.
  2. Upon receiving your email, we will contact you and establish the most efficient plan of action in order to ensure your satisfaction with the outcome of the process.
  3. Please note that we are very selective and we only accept 100% authentic luxury items that are in perfect condition.
Please be aware that your item will be inspected prior to being featured within our collection. If your item ends up not being authentic, it will be sent back to you at your own expenses.

Special Orders       

We are proud to offer you a “Special Order” service. Whether you are looking for a particular timepiece or a rare fine jewelry piece, we encourage you to contact us and place your order. Our dedicated buyers will then search the item and present you with the perfect piece at the earliest opportunity. This service is unique and complimentary.

How to proceed:   

  1. We invite you to visit our boutique or contact our expert staff at and submit your order.
  2. Upon receiving your email, we will contact to confirm your order.   
  3. We will get back and arrange payment and delivery of your new piece.