Writing a blog in the middle of COVID-19…

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I would never have imagined writing the newest blog of Bazaar Chic being isolated a home since early March.  I have to admit that I have been hesitating covering subjects related to luxury goods but I truly believe that, even though our whole world has been filled with the unknown and some despair, we, as a whole have been doing amazing at focusing on tomorrow. 

The question is how should we behave those days? How can we keep it together?

Well, it is all about your way of thinking and the channel you choose to tune your spirit on.

Yes, it is very hard and yes, we have no idea what the future will bring. We have all been impacted by this situation. But rather than focusing on what we can not control, we must concentrate on what we can create as individuals.

In the middle of the storm, some people or communities have come up stronger by helping each other and building stronger bonds between us.

And that’s what is fabulous.

Bazaar Chic had an amazing beginning of 2020 as we opened our boutique in Beverly Hills. We have been able to transition our company by developing new sales structures, marketing plans, and team reorganization. And we were spending each minute of our days, going the extra mile to create a boutique that would offer the best shopping atmosphere for our guests.

Then, we had to close our boutique temporarily.

Came the daily marathon involving the management of the crisis, the urgent need to adapt to a situation that we had never experienced before, and the constant availability that we must offer to our families.

It was time to take a pause and reflect.

We realized that it was crucial for us to keep focusing on our business and our clients. We felt that, in order to be helpful to our families, friends, neighbors, we had to make sure to keep on building our company. Little by little, remotely. It enabled us to keep positive and focused on tomorrow….

Some people may think that luxury goods boutiques will not have enough resources to withstand such a drastic economic decline and it may be true if we do not reshape our business model.

First, we must go on supporting our artisans. Because behind every luxury item, there is an artisan who has dedicated his/her life to learning a specialty and providing a gift to a clientele. Those people are watchmakers, precious stones setters, jewelers, leather artisans, etc.

When a client purchases a luxury watch, he/she is contributing to sustaining not only an industry but individuals as well. Those people need us.

As we have been spending more time at home, we have been contacting new artisans, we have been working at developing new business relations to make sure that we come out stronger while offering better, more exclusive selections to our guests.

We are dedicated to helping others more than ever. One day at a time.

That is the reason why we invite you to contact us if you have a project that you think will enable us to join forces in the reconstruction of our communities.

Because better days are coming.

We want to thank our clients for helping us staying stronger and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our new boutique!


Stay safe and healthy!


The Bazaar Chic Team

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