Is There a Paris Fashion Week for Jewelry and Watches?

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  1. The Paris Fashion Weeks just ended and we thought that it was time to write a recap about this year's trends in fine jewelry and timepieces.

There are few media that cover the influence of our precious bubbles within the high fashion world however, there is no doubt that the fashion industry strongly relies on the legacy, the inspiration as well on the major role of their jewelry when it comes to delivering their new fashion trends.

There is no accident that the House of CHANEL still focuses on their pearls strands when creating a collection. Karl Lagerfeld constantly imagines his collection around the CHANEL’s costume jewelry and precious jewelry collections. One could not go without the other.



For DIOR, their ready to wear collections are still inspired by the vivid colors of their precious jewelry designer, Victoire de Castellane, Creative Director of DIOR Joaillerie.

From time to time, some fashion houses manage to bring the level of their precious jewelry collections so high, that it can even surpass their ready to wear “savoir-faire”. This is certainly the case of DIOR, whose “Salon d’Apollon” and “Dior a Versailles” collections have nothing to envy to the most prestigious high jewelry houses.  I can easily say that the craftsmanship of those pieces reached such a level that even Mr. Christian Dior would be delighted…

The reason why I love DIOR High Jewelry is that I believe that Victoire de Castellane always gets her inspiration from history or nature without “denaturalizing” it.

This is the reason why The “DIOR a Versailles “collection is so perfect: Victoire managed to create her pieces in perfect harmony with a site as rich as the Palace of Versailles. And the result is magical.

This month, to celebrate the opening of the new DIOR Joaillerie boutique located at 34 Avenue Montaigne, Victoire de Castellane has designed an exclusive selection of limited-edition pieces.  Lots of green!

In addition, 8 new pieces will be introducing to the “Archi DIOR” collection, a tribute to Christian Dior’s love of architecture.

     2. Back to our Parisian Fashion Week, I would like to highlight a couple of distinctive jewels novelties:

  • Balenciaga has been using brooches like there was no tomorrow. We like the Starburst cluster brooch. So ladies! : Run to your grandma’s jewelry boxes and grab every brooch you can put your hands on. Use them and overuse them. You will thank me later...

  • Esteban Cortazar highlighted geometric forms with his extra-long charm necklaces. No matter which décolleté, feel free to throw on a necklace that makes lots of noise and looks chunky. Do not be shy!
  • Kenzo was all about HUGE crystal earrings (that makes as much noise as Cortazar’s charm necklaces!). Hopefully, your ear lobes will survive the abuse. But Hey! : What would we do to be fashionable?
  • I LOVE Lanvin stackable chain and crystal bracelets that create a great cuff! So chic!
  • Paco Rabanne decided that it was time for us to look as if our entire arm and hands were as blingy as a crystal chandelier. I kind of liked it….

  • I saved the best for last: Louis Vuitton featured a beautiful new concept:

Flexible gold bracelets and rings that looked like they had been molded to the wrist. A delight of texture that will ravish lots of us! I loved it.



  • To conclude, I wanted to mention that the single statement earring is still hot hot hot! So feel free to surrender to this trend coming straight from the ’80s!


       3. This season, jewelry is making lots of statements:

The first one is “If you go bold go costume!”

The second one is “Focus at wearing real high jewelry pieces as often as you can!”

There is no in-between.


As far as the timepieces are concerned, I have noticed that the time where women wore their husband’s watches are so gone. Just as we are going back to a feminization of fashion, the current trend is showing us a drastic come back of the feminine timepieces. Women are women and men are men (I am sure that guys are overjoyed that we will not steal their favorite toys anymore…. Except that they are going to have to break their bank to renew our watch collection!).

Feel free to have fun with large scale watches but keep the value on your “ladylike” pieces!



To next month!






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