Bazaar Chic exclusively presents... "La Maison Godet": A timeless French Perfume Maison with more than a hundred years of creative heritage.

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"A Story Like No Other"...

 This is how I would describe how we discovered La Maison Godet and how I would describe the history behind this amazing Family Owned Perfumery from the French Riviera, founded in 1901.

Maison Godet Perfume

 Having grown up in the south of France, my childhood memories are filled with magical nature essences, breathtaking landscapes, and countless exquisite moments with the people I love.

During our confinement, I came across a company that brought lots of emotions into my mind....and lots of healing vibes into my heart.

As I was watching my favorite french TV show that focuses on featuring the most beautiful places in France as well as on introducing the best craftsmen of every region, a story caught my attention:

The segment was featuring a beautiful young lady who had been taking over her family business founded in 1901. She was a professional "nose" /"nez" and had been creating perfumes for different luxury houses for years until she had decided to revive her family perfumery that had been closed since the late 1970s.

Sonia Godet

Her name? Sonia Godet.

There had been lots of mystery around her family perfumery's history and it is with great emotion that this young lady had discovered it all while visiting her grandfather around 2015.

Maison Godet Perfumery

In her grandparent's attic, not only had she discovered the historical details about her ancestor's business, she most importantly had discovered some extraordinary original perfume compositions. Amongst those formulas, she had also discovered the original bottles still filled with perfume from 100 years ago.  

Maison Godet PerfumeSuddenly, it became very clear in her mind: She had everything she needed to revive The House of Godet!

She opened her boutique in the whimsical village of Saint-Paul de Vence (near Grasse, the capital of perfumes), where the founder of the House had found his inspiration for his greatest creations.

Saint-Paul de Vence

 During this TV show, I recognized the famous village of Tourettes-sur-Loup, which grows the most beautiful fields of violets, and I remembered my childhood best friend, Seraphine whose parents were gardeners and were originally from this area...

I listened to Sonia as she was explaining her vision and what she wanted to achieve in the perfumery industry. I admired her courage, her dedication to using the same flower suppliers with whom her great-grandfather and her grandfather used to work, and her will to keep her perfumes completely natural and handmade (even the packaging!).

Maison Godet Perfume

I was so impressed to find out that each and every Godet creation's bottles were handmade by their master glassmaker. All of their perfumes were completely natural and were hand-crafted in small batches for precision and utmost quality. It took 5 artisans to create one bottle of Godet Perfume...


A few days later, we decided to contact Sonia to learn more about her company and we were blown away by the DNA of her perfumery.

Her great-grandfather, Julien-Joseph Godet, founded the perfumery in 1901. He trained as a professional nose and learned the art of distillery and maceration in Grasse. He was adamant about using local farmers. Throughout his life's encounters, Godet will become the "perfumer of Artists" as he became friends with Matisse, Picasso, and Bonnard.

In 1908, Julien-Joseph released his first perfume: " Chypre". A perfume that took him more than 7 years to finalize. It is a true symphony or rose poivree with green basenotes thanks to the combination of citrus, spicy and floral scents, cedar and oakmoss.

Fleurs de Reine- Godet

During the same year, he met famous post-impressionist painter Pierre Bonnard during a cruise in Belgium and started a long life friendship. Bonnard asked Godet to create a perfume for his wife. A tuberose concentre was born: "Fleurs de Reine".

Pierre Bonnard

In 1921, "Petite Fleur Bleue" was born. This iconic perfume embodies "The French Woman" and was a love declaration to his wife, who had beautiful blue eyes..... This perfume is a gift of rose, jasmine flowers with a base note of cedarwood.

Petite Fleur Bleue- Maison Godet

It is also in 1921 that "Cuir de Russie" was introduced. Godet produced his own version of cedar and sandalwood borrowed from the abstract cloud of a smokehouse with vetiver, clove, and sacred oud. Another iconic fragrance for the House had emerged!

1925 will become a very successful year with the creation of "Folie Bleue", a perfume that Henri Matisse ordered for his muse, Henriette Darricarrere. This exquisite fragrance combines cardamom, violets, and cedarwood. In addition, Folie Bleue's bottle won the prize Prix des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.

"Par Amour" will follow an already substantial list of unbelievably successful perfumes in 1951 when Julien-Joseph's son created this composition to ask his fiancee in matrimony. An oriental rose that eternally thrives in the presence of the vanilla and tonka bean. Tres Romantique!

When Sonia Godet took the reins of the House of Godet in 2016, she reintroduced the original perfumes from her ancestors but she also innovated tremendously: she created an applicator as clear as a perfume drop. Each time you twist the cap, the applicator is automatically filled. Then, the perfume is progressively laid down by capillarity when it enters in contact with the skin. Just so cleverly awesome...

Being the 4th generation of perfumes creator, Sonia started introducing her own magic....

"Voyage a Saint Paul" is a declaration of fondness to this beautiful village that became the home of "Maison Godet".The naturally iodized citrus from the French Riviera enhances the exquisiteness of the neroli. Cedarwood adds nobility and elevation to this fresh, irresistible composition.

"Divinite" was created in 2016 for Sonia's wedding and, with its 46 natural ingredients, proudly holds the most complex composition of the House of Godet. This very solar and seductive perfume has pineapple, coconut flowers and peach as top notes, gardenia as heart note and vanilla as base note. As Sonia would say:" This perfume is worn by a woman who is aware of her feminine power, she knows what she wants and she is not afraid to seduce...". A true success.

Divinite- Godet Perfume

In 2017, a sweet and tangy melody wrapped in a cocoon of jasmine and grapefruit arrived in the collection... "Sensationnel".

2018 witnessed the birth of a perfume that could have been very classical... if Sonia would not have used her talent again....: "Sous Le Figuier". Emblem of the French Riviera, the figuier is also the tree species standing at the "Colombe d'Or", the historical place in Saint-Paul de Vence that was a favorite hangout for Julien-Joseph Godet and his friends. By using the leaf, the bark, the sap, and the fruit, Sonia created a fragrance that will surprise even the fig fragrance connoisseur. She completely beautified the classic scent of the fig. 

"Eternite", created in 2019, is THE Holy Grail of perfumes. A fragrance that nobody was ever able to imagine and it is absolutely breathtaking. Upon discovering this magical scent, it is almost impossible to identify the main ingredient that composes this treasure...Cognac.

Even before perfumery found its way into the family trade in 1901, cognac was already in its days of glory for Sonia's ancestors. Eternite reconstructs for our sense of smell the spicy notes of cognac aged in oak barrels, crossed with aromas that derive from distilling grape and prune. Cloves, amber, and vanilla add their notes to this luxurious composition. Completely surprising and enchanting.


Wearing la "Maison Godet" is more than wearing a perfume. It's experiencing an olfactive journey into perfection.

Wouldn't that be true Luxury? 


 We invite you to visit the Bazaar Chic boutique to experience an "olfactive tasting" of La Maison Godet.

Close your eyes and discover the beauty of the South of France!




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