Is there such a thing as “Must Have Pieces” or are we just the victims of some “Evil Marketing Manipulation Plan”?

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Well, I am happy to report that we are not the victims of any “evil marketing doings” (c’mon Ladies, we are way too smart to fall into that kind of trap!) and that “must-have pieces” truly exist (I mean it! This is not a tooth fairy statement).

But first of all, I think that it is crucial to define the term “must-have pieces”: I am not talking about the “It” bag that Kim Kardashian has been showing off on that Vogue editorial along with the extra extra extra (did I mention extra?) stretchy skirt that makes her look like those hot air balloons that flew over the Eiffel Tower during the Universal Exposition in 1878.  

No, I am talking about the pieces that will never become out of fashion, the pieces that will make you feel like a million, the pieces that will make your girlfriends turn into obsessive psychos (kind of Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction”), the pieces that will actually make you look much prettier than the full facelift you always wanted to do and the best is yet to come…the pieces that will be the BEST investment of your life ( forget about luxury cars that lose 75% of their value as soon as you drive it out of the dealership or the house that is now equaling to the price of a cabin in the woods since the city decided to publish the actual map of the San Andreas fault that is going right under it…).

And even if you will have to eat pasta 3 times a day for the next 6 months in order to afford to pay for that treasure, you will absolutely love this piece!

Here is a list of those “Must Have Pieces”:

1/ HERMES Birkin Bag

Named after Jane Birkin, this bag has never decreased value since its creation in 1984. More than an iconic piece, the Birkin became the ultimate status accessory. By the way, you can forget about walking in a Hermes store in order to buy a Birkin: you will have to prove yourself first in order to get the right to even dream about walking out with the Holy Grail. Hermes will only put your name on the waiting list (you will only be buyer # 237 and the waiting time might be…3 years) after you spend a very large amount of money buying other Hermes trinkets (you know, those lovely ashtrays and blankets??) But the good news is that you will always be able to resale your bag with a nice profit. To conclude, I will have to be honest and add:” This bag is drop-dead gorgeous!” and… I want one.

 2/ Van Cleef and Arpels

I absolutely had to talk about Van Cleef and Arpels. Not only this House (founded in 1896) is one of the most prestigious House in the world but their craftsmanship is to die for. I had the opportunity to visit their workshop of Place Vendome and what I saw went beyond their reputation. Their specialty is what we call the “Mystery Setting”. This setting is truly the most amazing pave work you will ever see in your life. They master at setting stones without actual prongs (but this will not be as fun to explain, so I am skipping it). I like to see that Van Cleef and Arpels stayed true to their traditions and evolved throughout the years with the same grace, innovation, and the same outmost quality. They are the masters (I particularly love their brooches). Because of their history (and controlled production), a VCA piece is always a great investment. Especially the Alhambra collection.

 3/ Rolex

Anything Rolex is always a good idea (except for the Cellini’s collection that never got the “IT status”, sorry!). The good news is that we do not necessarily need to purchase one: it is much sexier to borrow your father’s, brother’s, boyfriend’s, husbands… (Did I just write “borrow”? Sorry, I meant “borrow for an extensive period of time “that could last until one of the parties involved departs through the long tunnel with the bright light…). The other great news with Rolex is that the vintage ones are also very hot; so do not be afraid to show off an oldie! Wearing a vintage piece will also make you look more like a connoisseur….or smarter if you prefer (even if you have absolutely no idea about what a “Pepsi “means… And I am not talking about the soda. I will be more than happy to develop on the next blog if needed).

4/ Cartier

Ok, so I hear you:” Another French House in the must-have pieces”….this girl is so annoying, I bet she is from France…. (Deep sights and shaking of the head). Well, it is true that France excels in luxury and you can turn it anyways in your head, you will always get to the same conclusion: Cartier is the ultimate French luxury fine jewelry establishment. The #1 Cartier must-have pieces is the LOVE bracelet (I do not care which color, with or without diamonds. This is THE bracelet that we should all receive when we are born. Forget about the boring baby nameplate bracelet). And do not be afraid to stack it, the merrier the better! The #2 would be any Cartier watch. I think that we should always have one in our jewelry box (my favorites are the Baignoire, the Ballon Bleu, and the Tank). It will always come to your rescue when you have to go out last minute in your 1996 GAP outfit… Food for thoughts!

The #3 would be another bracelet: The Nail bracelet.

Why? Because this bracelet will always make you look like a “rebel” while giving out the message that you actually worked very hard to acquire this rebellious status and we love it!

To conclude this first Bazaar-Chic blog, I would like to add that:

“No matter the brand or the price, your “must-have piece” should always be the piece that you love”.

There is nothing better than owning a piece with whom you share a personal story... That’s what makes it powerful. And remember that fine jewelry and luxury timepieces are made to be enjoyed and worn; not to stay hidden in a safe.

Have a great October!






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